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1. PANel: “we’re taking the kids”

Come and hear from a panel of TCKs (Third Culture Kids), the good, the bad, the in-betweens, the unique joys and challenges of preparing to cross the bridge, living cross-culturally with their families, and living away from and with their families in their ‘home’ cultures.

2. Intercultural Disciple-making

We live in a culture where making disciples is very word and task-based. We like our programs, our Bible studies, our set meet up times. What are the unique challenges of making disciples cross-culturally? How do we effectively respond to them in a way that is helpful for crossing the bridge? But also, what does all this teach us about disciple-making generally?

3. Panel: Australian indigenous ministry

A panel of indigenous church leaders and missionaries sharing stories of the unique landscape of indigenous ministry in various contexts in Australia.

4. Counting the cost and understanding risk

Missionary work is risky. Is it just the reality and a matter of obedience because you’ve already counted the cost? Come and consider thoughtfully some unhelpful and unbiblical misunderstandings of risk and God’s guidance, and what it looks like to take risks well with God.

5. Millenials in Mission

What can I, brought up in a multicultural post-modern society, offer to cross cultural mission and what can I gain from going? Are you a millenial? Come and find out how God has equipped you for His global task in ways you didn’t even realise!

6. Cultural Intelligence

Can you describe your own culture? How would you begin to adapt to another culture?  Research also shows that cultural intelligence is the competence needed to thrive in a cross-cultural context. Come find out why this is so important for God’s mission and how to develop and grow your cultural intelligence of yourself and others so that you cross the bridge effectively.

7. Conflict in multicultural teams

Crossing the bridge doesn’t just involve culture of the people you are wanting to reach, it also involves your missionary team. More and more, missionary teams consist of people from various cultural backgrounds, those you understand and those you don’t. Believe it or not, it is conflict with missionary team members that is the largest cause of people leaving the field - not health! Come learn about working well with multicultural teams and dealing with conflict in culturally appropriate ways so that you can stay on the field for longer.

8. Using Bible stories in evangelism

We often use a variety of rhetoric and tools like Two Ways To Live or The Bridge to try and explain the gospel message. But we miss a vital part of the gospel that makes sense of its offer of salvation to the world: the story of Israel and Jesus. Come and learn how Bible storying is an effective tool for evangelism in various cultures, and perhaps you might be surprised, in ours as well, in crossing the bridge from ignorance and scepticism to understanding and belief.