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ReachOut conference seeks to help Christians become fully engaged in God's global mission by sharing in our passion for His purposes.

It is held in Katoomba on the 2nd weekend of August each year and brings together a wealth of resources and wisdom on global mission.

There are excellent speakers who will unpack the biblical basis for cross- cultural mission and share about the ways in which God is at work in the world.  There are expert led workshops to explore a range of issues related to global mission.

There are representatives from over 40 mission agencies and Bible colleges to chat to about opportunities for training and service.

There is great food, coffee and time to connect with other people who are passionate God’s global purposes.

And there is time to pray, sing and grow!!!

ReachOut 2014 is on August 9-10. Online Registration is now open.

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ReachOut 2014 'LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS' August 9-10 @ KCC, Katoomba

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5)

Spiritual darkness is real and thriving in today’s world, a darkness that pervades lives overwhelmed by evils such as human trafficking, conflict, violence and addiction. Every day across the planet, billions of people are eking out an existence without true life and hope.

But they need not be left in this state of hopelessness and spiritual emptiness!

Christ has come and broken that darkness through his death and resurrection. And he sends us out to be light in the world and to shine a message of hope.

ReachOut 2014 will explore how we can shine God’s light in the dark places of the world through our words and deeds. We will look to understand our role in God’s mission, the progress of the gospel among the nations and opportunities for us to get involved both here and overseas. 

We will have two great speakers with us. Peter Maiden,who served as the International Director of Operation Mobilisation from 2003-2013, and Tim Blencowe, who serves as the Pastor of Macquarie Baptist, the Baptist chaplain to Macquarie Uni and the Chair of Preaching at Morling College.

We will also have heaps of mission agencies, great workshops, awesome worship and loads of people to chat to about global mission.



Peter maiden

Peter served as the International Director of Operation Mobilisation from 2003-2013 where he oversaw the day-to-day leadership of more than 6,500 people working in over 110 countries.  He is passionate about world missions and establishing Christians in the word and in the faith

Peter is currently an elder in his local church, is co-chairman of the International Christian College in Glasgow and is chairman of the Keswick Convention.  He also keeps busy with an intensive Bible teaching ministry throughout Britain and many other countries of the world.

Peter joins us from Carlisle, UK where he lives with his wife Win.


tim blencowe

Tim and his family live in the multicultural community of Macquarie Park, where he is the pastor of Macquarie Baptist Church, Baptist Chaplain at Macquarie University, and Chair of Preaching at Morling College. Having grown up as a missionary kid in Bangladesh and India, Tim's goal is to see many people find their purpose and joy in Jesus and his mission. 


Workshops will deal with a wide range of missions related issues and you will be able to attend two workshops on Saturday afternoon.  

The workshops offered at ReachOut 14 are listed below:

Finding God’s “mission impossible” for you.

Living Securely in an Insecure World

Dealing with Transition

Local Cross-cultural Mission

Your church in global mission

Mercy and evangelism – how do they work together?

Our Spiritual Victory as Children of the Light

Speed networking - A 'Speed Date' with mission agencies


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